Bring Agriculture Education Back to Our Schools!

Innovative Educational Program

Our main mission is to offer pupils an experiential, innovative educational program that will teach them how to cultivate food on vertical fields with an IoT control system. Grow High will offer a comprehensive didactic experience, adapted to the age of the participating pupils, that will include a set of lessons, workshops, and seminars.

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Our unique vertical field solution

Grow High’s first and principal partner, the Israeli company Vertical Field (VF), is a worldwide pioneer in designing and building modular, lush green vertical gardens and fields. Innovative and unique in its approach to creating living walls, VF designed its own system with its state-of-the-art, cutting-edge technology

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Location, Location, Location!

The advantage of setting up vertical fields specifically on school premises is their attractive location, usually at the center of every neighborhood, as well as a number of willing “farmers” who arrive exactly at 8 am each morning. These participating pupils are the consumers of the future! When we set up vertical agriculture fields in schools we create “green Lungs” in the middle of the cities and urban centers, and provide our children important skills

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Our Mission:

Grow High is a social enterprise that strives to bring agriculture education back to our schools in the form of IOT controlled vertical food fields accompanied by a rich, experiential, well-tested educational program. We offer an innovative agricultural educational experience for urban schools based on our belief that when dealing with sustainability and environment-related issues we must involve the future generation as early as possible. We maintain that it is a worthwhile endeavor to develop critical and all-encompassing sustainable thinking and skills in tomorrow’s generation, thus contributing to the emergence of a generation of citizens aware and capable of contending with environmental challenges and social hurdles.


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